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Title: The 2005 Rules And Forum Information
Post by: cmonkey on October 07, 2003, 02:12:03 pm
The Rules v3.1

Written: January 4th, 2005

These are the basic tenets every member (including admins and mods) need to follow to keep the USB going.

1. Keep it Kid Friendly- Many of the members here are young, so I want to keep the environment kid friendly.  That basically means avoid using profanity or talking about subjects like porn, drugs, etc.  If you need to express anger, be creative;  use phrases like "Fish Paste!" or "Tartar Sauce!".

2. Don't Make Useless Posts- This rule isn't enforced harshly, and most likely won't result in bans.  It is mainly here to keep the forums clean and uncluttered.  Double posting and one word posting are allowed, but keep their use to a minimum.  Only bring back ancient topics if you have something useful to add to it (as in, posting in 5 month old birthday threads isn't useful).  Try to avoid making duplicate topics.  It is better to reply to an old topic then start a new one that is the same as it.  The secondary purpose of this rule is so that people don't post specifically to increase their post count.  Post for the sake of adding to the community, not raising a number.

3. Don't Advertise- Don't create threads to advertise your own website.  You can use your signature for that.

4. Don't Flame- Keep the forums friendly for all.  It is basic stuff, like, when disagreeing with someone, don't say "You're an idiot". Be mature, and explain why you disagree. It's just common courtesy.  Be kind to new members, and make people feel welcome.  If you are flamed, don't flame back.  That only adds to the problem.

If you think someone is breaking a rule, use the "Report" button, to report it to the staff here. Only use this button if it's something to report.
Title: The 2005 Rules And Forum Information
Post by: cmonkey on January 04, 2005, 04:41:35 pm
The Punishments

If you break a rule, you will receive a warning from a Moderator or an Administrator.

If you break a rule again, there is a chance you will be banned.  The more rules you break, or the more times you break rules, the more likely it is that you will be banned.  First time bans are generally 2-5 days long.  If we need to ban you again, there is a chance it will be permanent.

If you are banned, don't sign up again with a new username.  We will probably end up banning your IP address from the entire site.
Title: The 2005 Rules And Forum Information
Post by: cmonkey on January 04, 2005, 04:46:30 pm
General Forum Information

Signatures- You can put almost anything you want to in your signature, as long as it is not excessively long.  If it is longer than 400 pixels, an admin or mod will ask you to shorten it, or will remove it.

Attachments- Members are allowed to attach files to posts.  Only attach stuff that is relevant to the topic.  Don't attach pictures that serve no purpose.

Guests- As a guest, you can read all of the threads in the USB, as well as reply to topics in Site News.  If want to reply or make threads in the rest of the forums, register for a user account.  It's quick and easy.

Accounts- All you need is one account. If you are not happy with your name you may PM an Admin about it ONCE without bothering them. Please do not abuse this or you get one name and you stick to it. Please also note that creating mutiple accounts may result in a Punishment.