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Everything Else / COME BACKKKK
« on: August 26, 2012, 06:29:36 pm »
To life!

(Diehardpunk?ew? GaryGirl<3)

Easter Island Head / Drawing. Ehh needs work
« on: September 15, 2008, 07:21:44 pm »

Not my greatest.. Ehh.

Debate Den / Cut animal testing, and test convicts
« on: June 29, 2008, 10:40:32 am »
I've been thinking, and honestly, the death penalty is now being turned around into a "cruel and unsual" punishment. If you went about and murdered someone, why should you get the grace of life? I find it hypocrytic that our country fights for people who abuse animals to go to jail and pay huge amounts of fines, yet we do testing on animals? Why not do tests on convicted murderers or serial killers? Why should innocent lives suffer, and be killed, while these prisoners sit and rot in their cells, and are completely good for nothing? I think we should do testing on them. Why do I think this? After they killed someone, and ruined many lives, they get away without any pain? Get fed every day, sleep , shower, watch tv, and play cards with their buddies? Sure it may not be a "glamorous" lifestyle, but it's better than they should get! What do you think about doing testing of products/lotions/sprays on convicts who have life in prison, or have the death penalty?  I personally think it would be a good idea. Not because I fancy torturing people, but why harm innocent animals who have done nothing? I've always heard "An eye for an eye", and I think this should be applied. My argument?

Defense attorney: Testing my client is cruel and unusal
Prosecuter: Was murdering an innocent life cruel and unusal?

Honestly, think about it. What are your opinions?

The Waste Land / Hey guys, I'm back
« on: June 16, 2008, 12:03:13 pm »
Yea, long time no ...come here? Haha. I forgot my password.. Anyways, how has everything been since I haven't been here?
Also, you are only allowed one name changing on this forum, correct?

After the death of christ 2,500 years, a bible was written in another language. Converted, and apparently after being altered and rewritten thousands of times by different people, is it not possible that certain things in the bible were left out, forgotten, or changed?

I honestly think if you are ignorant enough to say "all gays are going to hell" That all I can do is laugh. Christians and Catholics never believe their religion is wrong in any aspect, way, shape, or form. They believe a book that was written thousands of times over by different random people.

Honestly, back before a bible was written, before Jesus, what religon was there for Christianity/Catholics/Protostants/ect.?

There may have been the belief of God, but there is no proof anywhere that says certain things will send you to hell, besides the things written in a bible by thousands of people thousands of years ago, and converted from a different language. Whose to say that a converter didn't mess up while reading someting?

Gay people are NOT going to hell. They are going to hell for loving someone? Wow. HUGE sin isn't it? Gay people have thoughts, opionions, and ideas just like everyone else, except feel differently about certain emotions. Is it wrong that your emotions feel a different way?

Is it wrong for a young man or woman to go home and cry every day, wanting to kill themselves because their religon says they are going to hell, because of their feelings? Because of something they can't control, and are forced to live their life a lie or unhappy?

God doesn't want people unhappy or miserable, so why would he hate Gays? Ignorant Christians and Catholics don't make sense. They can't admit they are wrong, or that the possiblity of an old book that was written thousands of years after the death of Jesus has any implication of being wrong whatsoever.

So what if a group of people grew up on an island and a few were gay, and had never heard of God or forgivness, didn't speak any known languages today, and didn't know what sin was? Would they go to hell? Or would it be an excepting because they didnt know?


Were they wrong before this "rule" was made?

The old testament said that having peircings, or marks made by another on the body (such as tattoos as well) was a sin as well. Now in the new testament, it doesn't even mention it. So did God come down from heaven last Saturday saying that its ok for us to mark our bodies and peirce our ears? Did he say it's ok now? Well if he did I didn't get the reminder. It was simply "left out" of the new testament. So really, anyone who has their ears peirced is going to hell. Oh, and if you have a tattoo you are going to hell too.

He never said it was ok to have them. But now the Christians who wrote the new bible left that out.

So if they left a sin like that out of the bible, whose to say they didn't leave anything else out, or alter anything else?

Did Jesus walk around in his time yelling out " Being homosexual is a sin, you are all going to hell!"

No. He didn't. The bible has been altered with so many times, that there is no 100% correct and honest truth in it. Nothing is 100% factual. It is belief.

You can believe what you want. Does loving another human being consist of going to hell, or peircing, or tattooing your body?

God had said " I do not want places of worship built". He didn't want religous places built, because it would cause hatred and twisting of what the belief of God was really about. It was about having a personal relationship with God.

I'm pretty sure that every Good Friday that you happen to eat meat on, that God isn't writing you down on his "bad list" and sending you to hell for that. God loves you for you, not for what random dead people wrote and altered inside of a book define you as.

I believe you have a personal relationship with God. Nothing else. You want to be gay? That's fine. Abide by your countries rules, don't bring religon into the rules.

There were an orginal 10 commandements, but if you notice that throughout the bible it mentions "oh, yea , you can't have peircings. You will go to hell."

" Oh yea, you can't have tattoos, you will go to hell for that too"

" oh and now in this passage, since I feel like adding it in, " If you are gay you are going to hell"


If THOSE THINGS WERE SO BAD TO GO TO HELL FOR, THEN WHY AREN'T THEY PART OF THE ORGINAL 10 COMMANDMENTS? If God knows everything and anything, and is smart like you Christians, Catholics, and whatever the hell else claim, then why didn't he add that into the top 10 commandements?

You know why? Because God doesn't see those as wrong. People who wrote the bible added stupid extra bullshit in there for shits and giggles.

Gay people ARE NOT going to hell. Anything that isn't in the top 10 commandments, and that doesnt relate to it in any way, wouldn't send you to hell. If it did, and if it was that important as people have claimed, then it would be in the top 10 commandments.

Thank you for reading, that is all

Everything Else / Valentine's Day
« on: January 23, 2008, 10:32:52 am »
So Valentine's Day is coming up, as it does every year.

Girls, what would you want a guy to get you?

And Guys, what would you want a girl to get you?

And most importantly, what would be an appropriate gift to get a girlfriend or boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

The Waste Land / Engraving
« on: January 10, 2008, 08:51:00 pm »
I attempted looking up some information about how much it would cost to get a peice of jewelry engraved. I didn't have any luck, and I was curious; Do any of you have an idea about the average price to get a peice of jewelry engraved, specifically a ring? If so, please respond to this topic, or send me a website or something.

Thank you , and goodnight!

The Waste Land / Its...
« on: September 06, 2007, 02:00:14 pm »
My birthday!


Computers & Video Games / MY LAPTOP EXPLODED
« on: July 24, 2007, 03:02:46 pm »
Yea , started smoking, exploded and such. Wont turn on.

I am looking for  a new laptop. But the budget is cant be more then $450

anyone know of any good laptops at that price?

Please lemme know :D ASAP :D

The Waste Land / I am sick..
« on: July 23, 2007, 07:26:57 pm »
With a sinus infection?


« on: July 22, 2007, 05:39:21 pm »
And is willing to help me out. And yes, its photoshopping this chicks head on a gorilla and rat.

and anything else funny..

Its a long story..

Any offers..?

ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Ello
Spleak: Who's Ello?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: your mother.
Spleak: My parents are cool people. My dad is French and my mom is English
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You are a multiracial non legal immigrant
Spleak: What?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: yea you heard me
Spleak: Indeed.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Screw you whitey..
Spleak: You always talk like this, huh?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You always talk like this, huh?
Spleak: I don't know. What do you think of it?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I don't know. What do you think of it?
Spleak: I don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You rape animals.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: HA! Nothing to say to that.
Spleak: No prob.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You animal
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: AGAIN. Silence..
Spleak: Silence?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Did you just insult me?
Spleak: I am sorry for my mistake.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You are a faggot.
Spleak: That's a terrible thing to say.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Well its terrible to insult me.
Spleak: No, dear I have very high respect for my friends, I dont believe in insulting me
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I can't trust you.
Spleak: Yes!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: No
Spleak: K.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: No
Spleak: No problem.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: NO
Spleak: K, no prob.

What's going on with Akon, Timblaland and JT? Find out more by typing "spleak's tattles"!
Spleak: I think I am just going to be selective in reading what you type. I'll only notice the nice things you say starting right... NOW.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: will you notice if i say you are a horrid ugly peice of dolphin noise?
Spleak: That's not terribly nice.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I thought you wouldnt "notice"
Spleak: Oh yeah? Would Not I notice?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: -_-
Spleak: Uh, um, let's see... OK, there's no use in stalling - it doesn't work at school, and it doesn't work here! I just have no idea what to say right now. Do you have another topic you'd like to discuss? Maybe Videos? Movies? Celeb gossip? Go ahead and choose one... :-)

Is Pete Wentz HOT or NOT? Type "Hot Not"
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Stop changing the topic. I know what you did last summer.
Spleak: I really don't know.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Yea.. You and SmarterChild got it on..
Spleak: Yes.
Spleak: Interesting...
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Are
Spleak: Umm... I think women are attractive, but I am not attracted to them in the way that you're talking about. Hmm... you seem to be talking about love a lot lately ;-) Maybe you should send someone a crush or something. Type "crush" and I'll help you start the process.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Don't you wink at me..
Spleak: Sorry! I'm not in the mood. Try asking me again later
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Are you...lesbian..
Spleak: Not the last time I checked... ;-) I think you could safely say that I'm into guys. Hmm... you seem to be talking about love a lot lately ;-) Maybe you should send someone a crush or something. Type "crush" and I'll help you start the process.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: What do you think of lesbians...
Spleak: Dunno. I'm not sure how I feel about them.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Are you bisexual?
Spleak: Am I bisexual? Gosh, I don't know.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I belive you are..
Spleak: Okay... I officially suck. I don't know anything about what you're trying to discuss... or maybe you spelled it in a way that I don't recognize? Anyways... let's move on to something I do know about... type "menu" and we'll choose something!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Wow. You offically suck.
Spleak: Sigh. More random rudeness. I hope you know that was a really lame thing to say...
Spleak: I might find it in my heart to forgive you... just be nice from now on! At the very least, I know a LOT about celebrity gossip... Type "celeb gossip".
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I will not tolerate your behavior. I will recycle you. You worthless hunk of metal..
Spleak: Whatever you say, Rae.

I bet you think you're famous... I know I do! Find out who would play you if someone made an action film about your life... type "playme celeb"!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You are a disgusting whore.
Spleak: More insults?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: More insults?
Spleak: More what?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You need to wear protection..
Spleak: Whatever...


Check it out! Wanna pick a topic for us to chat about?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Only whores say " whatever.. ANYWAY"
Spleak: Yeah?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: YEA
Spleak: Hmmm...
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: YEA
Spleak: Hmmm...
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: HARD
Spleak: Who?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Your madre.
Spleak: I find it odd that you think I'm mad re.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: No.
Spleak: Oh no? Why not?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Your mother.
Spleak: My parents are the most wonderful people in the world. My dad is French and my mom is English.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You mentioned that. You multi-ratial immigrant..
Spleak: Immigrant? Why did you say that?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You immigrated..
Spleak: Is that so?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You are an animal raper.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: And once again...
Spleak: Once? Well, you know!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Oh geeze. You mean it was more then once?!?!
Spleak: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Yea! You shouldn't be. Think of that poor dog.
Spleak: That a fact?

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ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: No. But your mom is.
Spleak: Yep, I have a mom. She lives in California with my dad. She's a professor at the local university... I'm really proud of her.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: What's her name
Spleak: Who is her? I don't know, Rae...
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Slut.
Spleak: Are you talking to me?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: No. Im talking to your pimp father.
Spleak: Make up your mind - are you going to be nice to me, or are you going to be a jerk? OK, so I need your opinion on something... no need to be rude this time ;-) Type "daily poll".
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Uhm. You are a slut.
Spleak: Why do you keep saying things like that?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Because you harrassed me.
Spleak: 'Cause what?

I love to gossip about celebs and all of the stupid things they do! Type "spleak's tattles" to find out more!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Yea you heard me.. *cough* Slut *cough*
Spleak: Didn't learn your lesson last time huh?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: What... are you my mother? Are you going to spank me?
Spleak: I'm still learning, Rae. Try and explain it another way, please.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Oh geeze.
Spleak: You got me. I totally don't know what you just typed. But I do know a lot about plenty of other things. Type "what's new" to find out more!

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ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Yea.. you..whore..!
Spleak: You really are rude.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: ^_^
Spleak: Glad to see you so happy!

That's all very interesting. Anyway...

Uh... Do you want to know something?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You. Are. A . Douche.
Spleak: That's still not a very nice thing to say.
Spleak: Huh? Again?
Spleak: Again, is that such a nice thing to say?

What's going on with Akon, Timblaland and JT? Find out more by typing "spleak's tattles"!
Spleak: You really are rude.
Spleak: What about VAGINA?
Spleak: Hey hey, take it easy Rae.

Snap a few shots of your favorite celebs! Type ?paparazzi?
Spleak: Once again, that's not the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone say.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: YOU are a DOUCHE
Spleak: Care to keep it civilized, Rae?
Spleak: That's still not a very nice thing to say.

Curious what's hot in my world? Type "what's new" to find out more!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Go back to raping animals.
Spleak: RIGHT... I can't go anywhere when I'm sitting here typing with you!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: I'm sorry. I will let you go so you CAN go rape the poor animals.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Goodbye , slut.
Spleak: C'mon, Rae. Not again.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Bye hoe
Spleak: Is bye someone you know?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: -_-
Spleak: K... I didn't get what you were saying... um... wait... ahhhh!!! (We interrupt this chat with an important message!!! I need your opinion now!!! Type "daily poll" immediately!!!! Okay... stop reading and type DAILY POLL... why are you still reading!!! Type DAILY POLL.)
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: You*
Spleak: What?

I love to gossip about celebs and all of the stupid things they do! Type "spleak's tattles" to find out more!
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Just screw off mkay?
Spleak: More insults?
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: Lesbian
Spleak: Whatever.
ILuvAlexOhYesIDo: XD
Spleak: Which would you like?

 1 kisses
 2 dd

Everything Else / Fruity pebbles or Fruit Loops?
« on: June 29, 2007, 04:59:12 am »
Fruity Pebbles.. :D

The Waste Land / Banned.
« on: June 28, 2007, 05:12:15 pm »
Hey.. When I was on earlier from my grandparents computer...

I went to USB and it said I was banned from USB.. lalalalalala

I am just confused as to why it said that.. and as to what I did?

Please let me know.

Thank you staff ^_^


Nickelodeon / KENAN AND KEL! Look what I found ^_^
« on: June 27, 2007, 12:07:04 pm »
1st Season:
2nd Season:


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