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Plagiarism Rules.


Plagiarise (play-ja-rise) verb.

1. To steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own.
2. To appropriate passages or ideas from (another) to use as one's own.

Above is the dictionary definition of the word "plagiarise", recently on USB we've seen various bits of plagiarism going on around the forum, most of it we won't question, but when it comes to plagiarising other peoples art work and claiming it as their own, it becomes a totally different matter.

So we have enforced some new rules on the matter, if you're caught blatantly Plagiarising other peoples work, claiming it as you own, and not giving any credit to the original artist/creator, then you will incur the following punishments.

1. If you're caught, the first offence with be a 1 week ban, no questions asked.
2. If caught again, then you will be banned for a month, again, no questions asked.
3. If you plagiarise for a 3rd time, then you will receive a permanent ban from USB.

USB takes a strong stance against plagiarism as its it rude, shallow, and hurtful towards the original artists. If you have any questions regarding plagiarism, please feel free to contact any of USB's moderators who will be happy to answer any questions regarding the matter.


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