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Easter Island Head Rules/Advice 2006


The Easter Island Head as you all know, is here to display creative work you’ve made, be it Art Work, a Fan Fic, or any other creative medium you’d like to show.

Although the work you can display here isn’t limited to a Spongebob-esque theme, we’re introducing some new rules you must follow, please read the following.

1. All work must be original, we can’t stress that enough, USB takes a strong stance again plagiarism (Click here to read our views on Plagiarism)

2. Work must be suitable for all ages, meaning no pornographic or explicit work please.

3. Please at least make your work look like you’ve put some kind of effort in, if I, or any of the mods/admin see that you’re taking advantage of the Easter Island Head by adding ridiculous squiggles for example, we will not hesitate to close/delete the thread.

4. Be creative! Create something fresh, just don't churn out more SpongeBob themed iPod pictures! Explore your boundaries and go beyond them.

5. Give reasonable comments to other peoples work, instead of a one word reply, or a “its ok” reply, give proper judgements on peoples work, after all, that’s why they are showing them in the first place, to receive some feed back. Again, silly pointless replies will be removed.

We aren’t trying to be harsh here at USB, but we feel that the Easter Island Head is being taken advantage of as of late, so these rules have been enforced to improve the section. The most important part I feel, and trust me here, I’m an artist after all so I know what I’m on about, is to have fun when drawing/writing. If you really put effort into a piece, you’ll feel a million times better when you read you’re feedback on here! So, have fun  :biggrin: !


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