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Revenge: Part 1

"Ah, another wonderful day!" exclaimed Spongebob Today was Sunday, and he decided to go jellyfishing with Patrick, and for some strange reason, squidward came too. As he was walking outside, though, he noticed the flag on his mailbox was up. That's strange, he thought. There's no mail on sundays. He looked in it and saw one, just one, letter from plankton. "Come to the Chum Bucket at 1:00" it said, "and don't worry about bringing the formula, we just need to talk. Sighed, Sheldon J Plankton. P.S. Don't laugh at my name!
It was 12:55. I have 5 minutes, Spongebob thought. Time to go. "Hey Spongebob!" Said a voice. It was Patrick. "Sorry Pat, I can't go jelly fishin'" "Why not?" "Because Plankton sent me a letter to go to the chum bucket." "ok" said pat sadly. Time to go, spongebob thought. Little did he know, Plankton had an evil suprise for him...

SpongeBob: Hmm...Why would Plankton invite me?

("What is he planning now...)

Narrator: Meanwhile..

Patrick: Hey, Sandy! Let's do something!
Sandy: Allright!
Patrick: What should we play?
Sandy: I dunno!
(At the Chum Bucket...)
Plankton: Haahhha! This little suprize will destroy him!
Dennis: Yeah!
Strangler: I can finnaly get my revenge!
(They all laugh evilly)
(Meanwhile...SpongeBob is running along the street and then notices a really beat up fish)
SpongeBob: Who are you?
Fish: Robert.
Robert: You see I was walking along the street and discovered the Chum Bucket
(robert was walking and saw a resturaunt called the chum bucket, He was about to go in the Krusty Krab)
Robert: (gasps) They are plotting to destroy Bikini Bottom!
Plankton: I think I hear something, Let's move!
(They find Robert, then beat him up, Robert then grons seeing Coconut Fred walking in front of him)
Fred: I will be the worst enemy SpongeBob ever faced! I will destroy him!
*flashback over*
Robert: There was this guy called Coconut Fred, and he said he was the most ultimate enemy you ever faced! Good luck, You'll need your freinds on this one you know!
SpongeBob: Uhh...(gulps) (He then thinks of what he would look like: Plankton and a coconut combined but he knew he was wrong)
Robert: Can you help me?
(SpongeBob heals him and then helps him get up)
SpongeBob: I rather they find out on thier own! If they do find out!
Robert: I say! You are very doomed!
(They walk into the Chum Bucket)
Plankton: (gasps) There they are!
SpongeBob: Barnicles! Nooo!! (suddenly everything goes blank, then he wakes up, thinking it was all a nightmare and he was safely back home)
Plankton: Tell me the secret fourmula! I will give you ONE last chance! and I mean ONE MORE CHANCE!!!
SpongeBob: Never!
Plankton: Attack!
Sandy: Well we are here! Put on your water helmet, Patrick!
(He puts it on then goes into her house)
Patrick: Hey, I see a small piece of paper!
Sandy: That's mail!
(They read it and see this:

This is me, SpongeBob! I am trapped in the Chum Bucket with all my enemys and one that is the ultimate enemy i ever faced: Coconut Fred!

Sandy: We gotta save him!
(Patrick takes off his water helmet, Sandy puts on her suit, Then they run out of the house, Not knowing how long it will take to arrive and save SpongeBob)
Meanwhile Spongebob was strapped to a metal table with a lazer pointed at him."Surrender it now!!!" Plankton said with rage"NEVER!!!" spongebob said "suit youself, but you'll be sorry" Plankton replied, leaving the room to another room with buttons. He pressed a big red button and all of a sudden, the room Spongebob was in went white. From inside the room where plankton was, he and all the other villans could hear Spongebob screaming in pain and laughed maniacally. When the white vanished, all of them gasped. Spongebob had some how escaped! (don't ask me how, i still haven't figured it out)

(He was hiding with Robert)

Robert: Hurry, SpongeKid! Go!
SpongeBob: But what about you?
Robert: I'll handle them off as long has I can.
SpongeBob: (runs)

Patrick: Sandy, how long will this take?
Sandy: Not...much..longer...*gasps* I see a sign: It says 5 more miles by walk!
(they cheer and continue walking)
Fred: Where did the stupid sponge go?
Plankton: I don't know. But a idoitic pink starfish and a extremly-tough squirll are trying to save him.
Fred: Bah! They'll be destroyed before they know it! Robots, attack!
(All 4 robots from BFBB go to destroy them)
Sandy: The robots..they are back!
Patrick: How are we going to handle them off without SpongeBob?
Suddenly Spongebob appeared. "You won't have to!" He exclaimed. He rolled up a bubble ball and slammed it against the back of the giant patrick robot, while patrick and sandy kept hitting the spongebob robot's buttons. Finally the two were down. two more to go. Or so they thought. They remembered the giant plankton robot had duplicates, and the Sandy Robot duplicated itself too afterwards during the credits. Soon they found out all the robots had duplicated themselves. One of the giant Patrick robots grabbed all three of them and dangled them above it's mouth. "Well, looks like this is the end" Sandy said. Suddenly the Robot let go. Down they dropped...

SpongeBob: Huh?
(The robot then punched them while they were falling)
SpongeBob: (shaking his head) Is it me or did the robots get more powerful?
Sandy: Uhh..
(Suddenly Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy apperead)
SpongeBob: Mermiad Man and Barnicle Boy! Man am i glad to see you.
(Mermaid Man then makes a army of fish attack the Robot Sandys)
(Robot Sandys explode)
Robo-Plankton: We can now transform how powerful we are!
(Then then become level 5 but then the get defeated by the super water balls which are level 7)
Robo-Plankton: That's enough screwing around!
(Robot-Sandys return then they combine into the all powerful-Robot Panbock)
SpongeBob: Barnicles! We may be here longer than i thought!

Here are the ratings of how powerful everyone is:

Coconut Fred: 54.1
SpongeBob: 7.5
Robot Patrick: 7.8
Robot Sandy: 6.5
Robot SpongeBob: 14.3
Robot Plankton: 17.2
Robot Panbock: 45.8
Patrick: 6.9
Sandy: 7.7
Note: When SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy face Fred. SpongeBob thinks they can combine like the robots did. So they combine into Poanboy.

Poanboy is 22.1 which is 32.0 weaker than fred.

Spongebob: Wait a minute, if the robots can combing, maybe we can! Sandy, you know that teleportation device that malfunctions in an upcoming episode, and transforms me and squidward into one creature?

Sandy: Yeah, but the people aren't supposed to know about this yet.

Spongebob: Oh yeah... well any way, why don't we use that! Not only will our powers increase, we will look awesome!!

(They all go to sandy's house and use the device, which malfunctions like it's supposed to. They become Poanboy)

Poanboy: Wow, this feels weird, especially since we're part boy part girl.


Manray: No! It..can'!!!
Fred: Mwhahahahaha! They are still weaker than me unless they combine with more people up to 60.0
Poanboy: SpongeBob + Patrick + Sandy, this is the end. Panbock. DIEEE!!! HI-YAHHHHH!!!
Panbock: Nooo! (they un-combine themselves)
Robot Plankton: Poanboy, We can't defeat them now!
Poanboy: This ends now!!! *destroys the robots*
Poanboy: Now! Let's un-combine! (they do it)
Patrick: Wow! That was fun! Now it's time to enter the chum bucket!!! 3 miles from now!!!
Robert: Wait..These are your friends? I'll help you guys get back there, Hop into my boat!
(The three do)

Note: Poanboy's voice is Patrick, Sandy and SpongeBob's voice at the same time.

spongebob: why are we going to the chum bucket anyway?

Robert: to be recombined with me.

SB P &S: You!?

Robert: res, me, im bout 32.0

Spongebob: so if we team up, we'll be the same strength as the evil coconut fred

all: HURRAH!!!

Spongebob: now let's go kick some evil butt.

At the Chum bucket...Robert, SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy combine into...Poanbert.

Poanbert: I'm ready to match you, Fred!!!

Fred: What the?!? *gets knocked to the floor*

Plankton: Cyclops, ATTACK!

(The Cyclops smashes Poanbert 1,000 times making them un-combine...forcing robert, sandy, and patrick to fly away)

SpongeBob: My friends..the old woman from where's gary? stole my friends!!!

Cyclops: Wrong! I...uh...Now i can't remember.
SpongeBob: Huh?!? You can talk?!?
Cyclops: Well of course I can, You barnicle head.
Cyclops: *becomes even gianter*
SpongeBob: That's it!!!! *uses his karate skills and flips the cyclops*
Cyclops: OOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huge sound destroys the chum bucket*
Plankton: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fred: Ugh....Calm down. Idiot.
Plankton: You stupid little idiot! *cuts him in half*
Fred: *reappears in a new coconut*
Plankton: What the?!?
Patrick: *they all wake up* What happened?
Sandy: Ummm...I think we are back at Conch Street.
Patrick: Aw man, That took forever to get to the Chum Bucket!!!
Sandy: Now how will SpongeBob survive?
Robert: I don't know. But i can give you a ride in my car!
Sandy & Patrick: Yes!!!!
Robert: *they hop in the car and go*

(It turned out Coconut Fred could fix himself up from wounds and cuts in halfs, and the Cyclops sent Patrick, Sandy, and Robert flying away, and now they're driving back to The Chum Bucket)

Plankton: WHAT?!?

Coconut Fred: That's my special ability, I drank a chemical that allowed me to fix my wounds and cuts in halfs.

Plankton: Oh barnicles.

Coconut Fred: I'm leading it from HERE! *he throws coconut bombs at Plankton thus destroying him*

Dennis: You just...destroyed my master. We shall now serve you, master!

Coconut Fred: That's right!

Karen: Does that mean I have to be Coconut's wife? PLEASE TELL ME NO!

Patrick: We're coming SpongeBob!

Sandy: SpongeBob, you are more than a best friend to me, I WILL NOT LET YOU DIE!

Patrick:Well does anyone know how to fight that?

SpongeBob:I know has anyone heard of a hydra?

Sandy: Great Idea spongebob everyone get a sword and a torch.
*go to angry mob store*
Sandy: First we cut off part of him with the sword...

SpongeBob: ...Then Burn The wound shut with the torch untill...

Patrick: ... we win!

Sandy: Wait, I heard he can also revive any hurt. So, we need to think of...Wait! SpongeBob's supposed to be at the Chum Bucket.

SpongeBob: Oops, I'm in the wrong scene and I just broke the fourth wall! I'll be going back there!

Sandy: What if we made the villans fight each other?

Patrick: No, wait! WRONG! What if we made the villans fight each other?

Sandy: That's what I just said.

Patrick: Oh.

Robert: You guys going to get in the car?

Patrick & Sandy: Sure! *they continue driving to the Chum Bucket*


Sandy: Hold on there Little Square Dude. Were here to help!

SpongeBob: Great... so tell me how to defeat these guys!

Sandy: Well we need to get them angry at each other so they will destroy each other.

SpongeBob:Well how will we do that?

Sandy: By the way, I got this time machine.

(pushes character button that brings out pre prehistoric, prehistoric, medevial, and future selfs)

SpongeBob: Hey! All of you, each one of you called each one of you dumb!

*they all fight each other but then they realize they've been tricked and attack the goody guys*

Now it's



ALL TIMES BAD GUYS without Plankton who is now in heck.

(Meanwhile, down in heck, Plankton, The Devil, and random bad guys watch the fight)

Sir Patrick, you can continue the heck part, then continue the fight.

Everyone is eating Pop-corn except plankton who is kicked out into heaven for his torture!

*note*- pre prehistoric charactors:

Patrick= Patugh

prehistoric charactors:


SpongeBob= SpongeGar

Patrick= Patar

Medieval Charactors:

Sandy=Dark Knight Sandy

SpongeBob= Sir SpongeBob

Patrick=Noble Patrick

Future Charactors:

Sandy: Sandron

SpongeBob: SpongeDron

Patrick: Patron

you can save this if you want to

While Patron was Blasting Lazers everywhere!

Patar was using a club and banging the brains out of the bad guys

and regular Patrick was jumping on badguys!

SpongeBob: This is one heck (no pun intended)plankton:yah right)of a fight!

SpongeDron: Yes it is *while blasting Lazers*

Coconut Fred: I'm going to step into the action now! Behold, *pulls out a remote control and turns off the future characters, now die! *throws lavaish coconuts at the de-activated robots, thus destroying them bringing them to the robot heaven*

SpongeBob: Why'd you do that?

Knight SpongeBob: I've been saving this for a long time! *pulls out sword and slashes Fred into a millon parts*

Coconut Fred: *heals himself* You'd have to destroy my remedy robot to beat me!

Dennis, Tattletale Strangler, Hash Slinging Slasher, DoodleBob, and Victor: NOW WE WILL ALL ATTACK YOU!


*they fight*

Coconut Fred: Ha! With those guys fighting, I can go to the Bikini Bottom Morpher and transform myself into a human fish! A powerful one not to be reckoned with!

SpongeBob: Let's all attack at once! 1, 2, 3! *they defeat the last of them*

SpongeBob: He's gonna morph himself! C'mon, guys let's catch up!

Coconut Fred: *turns on machine* FINNALY! HUMAN FISH FORM! *flash*

SpongeBob: *slow motion effect* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Human Fish Fred: *deeper voice* BWAHAHA! MY POWER IS EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

Squidly: *suddenly appears and sings a song* Fred has morphed! Our hopes are doomed! We can only go home and cry to our mommies.


Plankton: He's...MORPHED! NO! I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!!! I've gotta team up with SpongeBob, but I can't! They're good, but for the heck of getting Fred out of the way, I've gotta do this! *suddenly he has a change of heart and the god of heaven allows him life again*


Plankton: *runs* I've gotta help them!!

 : Now How will we fight him???

 :if only we had one more person

*mean while*

 : i gotta hurry...oh yah i built a teleporter


 : im ready to help

  K now lets all get in the transporter

*note*-SpongeBob(all versions)+Sandy(all versions)+Patrick(all versions)+Plankton+Robert(i think)=Splanktobertandy (eek)

Splanktobertandy: you will Die NOW !(*note* Splanktobertandy's voice is all of their voces at once)

Splanktobertandy: I'm still not as strong as him!

Human Fish Fred: Tornado Swirl! *throws Splanktobertandy to the ground*

Splanktobertandy: Ack! What's the use?

Human Fish Fred: Loser. You shouldn't have started this from the beggining. BWAHAHA!

*suddenly dimensions warp and all the people from SBM suddenly warp there*

King Krabs (me): We're here to help, guys!

Human Fish Fred: You dare interuppt my godly power?!?

sp0ng3b0b182: I'm going to kill you now!

Human Fish Fred: I guess I have to do this the hard way! LIGHTNING, RISE FROM THE SKY!

*lightning bolts shoot sp0ng3b0b182, destroying him*


*earthquakes begin happening, land cracks, lightning shoots from the sky, the earth becomes dark*

Splanktobertandy: Now, I'm scared! *the power causes them to split back into them again*

Then everyone in SBM goes in the teleporter with all the spongeBob(all version) charactors and become!!!!

SBM+Splanktobertandy: WE WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

Human Fish Fred: Never i will never give uP.

SBM+Splanktobertandy: Thats what you think. * some one used a time warp from the future*

All the Red Power Rangers: YOur going Down

Human Fish Fred: Too weak to match a god's power. *destroys them all and the mixing machine*

SBM+Splanktobertandy: I'm still weak. I need to find a way to reverse him back to coconut form!!!!!

Human Fish Fred: This is stupid. *uses his power to split them back again*

Plankton: Guys, this guy won't give up. We're going to have to reverse his form!

SpongeBob: Agreed!

Human Fish Fred: What are those losers planning to do?

 : We're planing to rev...


  h Yah Were not planing anything

Human Fish Fred: OK Good

 : Mabe if we got him to go back to the morpher we coud morph him back

 Great Idea but how will we do that.

 : I know... Hey Fish Fred There is a perfect place to take over the world in the building where the morpher is

Human Fish Fred: MY GODLY POWER SHALL BE REVEALED ALL OVER! *runs to the place*

Sandy: Now, first I'm going to have to distract him to I can use the molecular seperator on him allowing the morpher to reverse him since him and the power are seperated. Then we will trap him and I will use my reverser to reverse the effects of the morpher and morph him back to coconut form.

SpongeBob: Perfect!


Human Fish Fred: I RULE!

Sandy: I'm going to seperate your power now! *zaps him*

Human Fish Fred: NO! MY POWER!

SpongeBob: *kicks Fred in the morpher and traps him*

Sandy: Now, I'll reverse the effects! And NOW! *presses button*

Human Fish Fred: Nooooo.....*flash, now they let him out*

Coconut Fred: I may be back to normal, but I'm still strong. Behold! *holds coconut bombs*

ssj4gogita4: Battle me. Now.

Coconut Fred: He's stronger now. But I must accept the challenge.

Plankton: No, wait. I'll handle this, I want revenge. If I'm going to be good, here is my first good deed. *smiles at SpongeBob and SpongeBob smiles back*

Coconut Fred: Ack! He's even stronger now that he had a change of heart!

Plankton: I shall use your own weapons against you *throws coconut bombs in the cage*

Coconut Fred: NOOOOOO!!!! * he is destroyed and sent to HECK*


SpongeBob: Party In the pinapple everyone

*mean while in heck*

Coconut Fred: I am now the new devil!

Devil: In your dreams! *zaps coconut fred until he has faded away and is gone for good*

SpongeBob: Plankton, I can't believe you actually had a change of heart.

Mr. Krabs: Me too. I'm glad he won't steal the fourmula anymore.

Plankton: Wrong.

SpongeBob: *sad* So much for that.

Plankton: Wait, you didn't let me finish, why don't we instead of stealing the fourmula and hiding it, we register

on SBM and give krabby patties to everyone along with dts' pies.

*they all laugh*


Dunces and Dragons then comes on.


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« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 02:25:17 pm »
If you know what Coconut Fred is...well, that's just a sign that I depise that show for being a copycat of SpongeBob!


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« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2006, 01:10:14 pm »
did you even enjoy that story?.


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« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2006, 02:47:06 pm »
If you know what Coconut Fred is...well, that's just a sign that I depise that show for being a copycat of SpongeBob!
Coconut Fred isn't even close to Spongebob. It is a ripoff that is so low it isn't even funny. As for the story, I think it was decent.

Sir Patrick

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« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2006, 03:06:01 pm »
did you even enjoy that story?.

He helped make it :laugh:


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« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2006, 03:03:46 pm »
oh i c, My fav quote from that story is "But a idoitic pink starfish and a extremly-tough squirill are trying to save him".

lmao that's awsome.


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« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2006, 03:29:46 pm »
Confusing.  I got lost a couple of times.


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« Reply #7 on: April 22, 2006, 07:56:58 pm »
That story was crap.

Banshee 1919

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« Reply #8 on: August 19, 2007, 09:37:53 pm »
Make it Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and Patrick and Timmy Turner (and so are their past and future selves) pitted against My Chemical Romance and Michael Jackson!!!


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« Reply #9 on: August 22, 2007, 06:33:26 am »
Cool story.


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« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2007, 07:05:18 am »
But it's kinda like corney (i said it's like )


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« Reply #11 on: August 22, 2007, 02:33:07 pm »
Who's Victor is he real character in Spongebob Squarepants?