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Patrick the Psycho
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One day, Patrick has been acting strangely. He has been drooling and scrathing and shouting, even talks to "Papa Hoach" and calls himself "the Frying Saucer."
Spongebob goes out and notices a sudden change of behavior in Patrick.
Spongebob: What's your problem, Patrick?
Patrick: Ahhrtotjop! (Shouts at rock) shut up! Bhwek!!! Vbhek!!! (Censored f word)
Squidward: Patrick! Why are you acting like you're talkin ta yerself, huh!
Spongebob: Squidward! Don't threaten Patrick! (Patrick acts savagely and begins to slap and kick Spongebob at the back and grabbing his body, climbing to the uppermost of Squidward's house, lifting Sponge's limp body 5 times shouting out the mother f word fifteen times
Squidward (calls the police with his shellphone): Help! There's a deranged plump maniac on the loose and he's on top of my house!
David J: What? I'm with the Flyung Dutchman.
Flying Dutchman: What the barnacles. Dutchman's residences.
Squidward: Oops. (Calls again) Help! There's a deranged plump maniac on the loose and he's on top of my house!
Police fish 1: Where!
Police fish 2: Go help that guy!
They go there as possible but it gets worse, Patrick with a foam of saliva and bloodshot eyes angrily throws Spongebob at the police fish and at Squidward. They're all helpless.
Meanwhile in the Mermalair
Mermaid Man: I'm sensing something.
Barnacle Boy: What? My books, my underwear?
Mermaid Man: No, senseless violence helpless fish and cepthalapod. Deranged starfish on the loose, to the Boatmobile! (Off the Boatmobile they go but are caught in traffic.)

Three hours have passed and the Boatmobile made its way to that street where Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy confront a maniacal Patrick.
Barnacle Boy: You want it tough, okay (summons a sand ball and throws it at Patrick, however Patrick fights back by throwing a pebble at Barnacle Boy)
Mermaid Man: Barn'kul Boi, I'll save you. (Throws water ball at Patrick but failed, Patrick attacks him at the back by kicking).
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Re: Patrick the Psycho
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Re: Patrick the Psycho
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What? I've seen better.
I think ur d phsycho.