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The Game of Sponge


The Game of Sponge

Part 1/8

Fan-fiction by Edso

Narrator: Ah Bikini Bottom, the greatest underwater town of them all. And look here! It would appear as though many of its young citizens are lined up at its local…
game store?

Two kid fish stand outside a store marked ‘Game Fin’s’.

Kid 1: I’m here to buy a GameZone 4!
 Kid 2: Me two!

A store manager walks outside.

Manager: Ok, guys. They’re he-

The manager is quickly run over by several school children.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick are Jellyfishing around the store’s back.

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob?

SpongeBob (still trying to catch a jellyfish): Yeah, Pat?

Patrick: Let’s go see what’s going on up front.

SpongeBob: Well, ok.

The two friends walk around to the front where the manager is lying in the doorway.

SpongeBob: Are you ok…

SpongeBob looks at the man’s name tag.

SpongeBob: Rooogeeer?

Manager: Ugh, I just got stormed by a bunch of brats wanting the new GameZone.
SpongeBob: What’s that?

The manager looks shocked!

Manager: Why it’s only the –

Patrick:  Most advanced in gaming technology aimed at the casual prospective and gamer prospective with head-sets, online co-op, and easy chat acess!

SpongeBob turns around to face Patrick.

SpongeBob: How’d you know?

Patrick: It's on the poster.

EDIT: I had no idea it would come out without spaces and so short! Really sorry guys! I'll make sure to make parts 2-8 twice as big. =/ Think of it as an introduction.

yo! lets eat PUDDIN:

Noob above.

Oh and good intro. ^_^

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