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Re: Weird Dreams
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2008, 05:18:04 pm »
My friend of ten years, we had a huge fight this year. So now he goes to a different school. My dream last night was that he moved away and died.

I was really sad needless to say. Then all of my friends starting dying. Then i woke up. It was weird..

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Re: Weird Dreams
« Reply #16 on: October 23, 2008, 07:05:17 pm »
My friend of ten years, we had a huge fight this year. So now he goes to a different school. My dream last night was that he moved away and died.

I was really sad needless to say. Then all of my friends starting dying. Then i woke up. It was weird..

I was in Jail and I played weird sports...and that`s it. o_o
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i did some retarded things on these forums, i swear

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Re: Weird Dreams
« Reply #17 on: October 24, 2008, 08:24:49 am »
I keep an online "dream diary" - and have done so since mid-2001.
Let's go snag a few of my more interesting dreams from it...BBS...

JANUARY 21, 2002:
In this nightmare, I was on the top deck of a small sized cruise ship. It was like one of those Carnival ones, but it was smaller, had a white hull, a single funnel that swept back, and was named "Radiance Of The {something} Seas". I forgot what the {something} was. The other distinguishing feature of the ship was it had a flat bow, rather than pointed like a regular cruise ship. This ship's bow looked like that on a garbage scow or a deep sea tugboat.

When I first "saw" the ship, it was close to shore in a harbor, and was in the process of sinking. It was listing sharply to one side, and lifeboats were being lowered from the side facing the water. It was as though I was watching from a point above and to the front of the ship.

Next thing you know, I was *on* the ship, on the topmost deck. At this point, lifeboats were rowing away and most everyone seemed to have been evacuated. The water was lapping right up to the edge of the deck. I tried to go forward toward the bow, but the deck plating pulled apart under me, and I ended up in the water for a brief time. I crawled back onboard near the ship's funnel (smokestack), and then "somehow" realised the cause of the ship's sinking was something in the funnel. So I opened a large hatch on the front of the funnel, and found it was stuffed totally full of wrapped Christmas presents. I grabbed at a few to get them out of the funnel, ripping some of the paper off. There was a bicycle, a toy vacuum cleaner, a wall urinator, and some other equally strange stuff. I felt compelled that something in there was something I really, really wanted or needed, and I briefly contemplated stealing one box. But the ship was going down and it was time to go. I crossed over the torn section of deck plating again, ended up back in the water, and made a swim for shore.

Next thing I remember was standing on a wooden dock near a (the) harbor building. Passengers from the ship were going by. I saw the ship, still going down, and contemplated going back for the Christmas presents. The ship listed some more, all the light bulbs blew up and the windows broke. It sank, but hit bottom with some of the superstructure still showing above water. At that time, a tall man in a flannel shirt and with *very* bloody hands appeared. I somehow knew he had just murdered some of the ship's passengers, and now he was coming after me. I ran into the harbor office and he chased. The inside of the office was very cluttered. I swung at him with things like brooms, buckets, and typewriter cords while running.

I came to a doorless storage room lit only by a yellowed bulb dangling from a wire, and saw a large red fire axe hanging from a holster on the wall, so I climbed over some junk and wrestled the fire axe out of the holder. I tried to take a swing, but it felt like there was a very heavy weight on my left hand. The bloody handed man was coming very close now, so I mustered the strength to take one mighty swing, and that took care of the killer for good. Then I woke up.

JUNE 03, 2001:
I was in contestant's row on the game show, "The Price is Right." The prize up for bids was a video game cartridge. The other contestants all bid several hundred dollars, and I bid exactly $71.
Bob Barker pulled out the little card and said, "The actual retail price is... $71!!"

The next thing I remember is being up on stage. There were big cameras everywhere, stage props and blind walls on casters, and a high, metal framework ceiling with lots of lights on it. Hanging from & leaning against some of the back walls (which were made of unfinished plywood and the studs were exposed), there were things like coiled up cables, ladders, unused boom microphones, metal poles, and rolls of carpet.

Then my prize rolled out: it was a helicopter! You know, the kind with a framework tail and a large clear bubble around the cockpit. I can't really remember the pricing game I had to play, but it was both bizarre and strangely familiar at the same time. I did not play the game well, and didn't win the helicopter. But I wasn't mad at all!

As I was walking off the stage, I took out my digital camera and started shooting off pictures of the helicopter and the Price Is Right stage sets surrounding it. Then I woke up. :-O
Later I remembered that Barker failed to give me $500 for having bid exactly right on that game cartridge. :-(

I've never seen or been to a TV studio, but it would seem I got a pretty good taste of what it would be like.

This was one of the most vivid and realistic dreams I've had in some time.

September 01, 2002:
This three-parter seemed to go on for longer than usual for a dream. In the first part, I was outside what I believe to be my childhood home in Juneau AK., and I was messing around with a garden hose in the driveway. The nozzle on the hose was unusual, and you could shoot water 110 feet using it. By putting my finger over the end, it turned into a high pressure wide-angle fan spray, like those water leaf blower gizmos you can buy. It was daytime, the sky was blue and clear, and I was spraying this hose in the air trying to disperse a swarm of little black gnats. I somehow became aware of several other people there, including my dad and maybe some of his friends; and I remember trying to be careful directing the spray so it wouldn't rain down on them while I was shooting at the swarm of bugs.

The next part of the dream happened at night. My dad or someone else had asked me to take the hose and clean up all the wads of chewing gum on our street. I had a lantern-type flashlight with a really big reflector, so I turned that on, got the hose, and started to work. At first I couldn't find any gum wads to spray away, but as I kept walking, I started coming across them. I sprayed the gum using the wide fan spray but that didn't seem to be effective, So I adjusted the nozzle for a super high pressure pinpoint jet, and that started loosening up & spraying away the gum. I came across a larger wad of light blue gum, and started spraying its front edge. It slowly began to lift away, and I noticed the water jet was so strong it was literally beginning to drill right through the asphalt. Once the gum was almost gone, a small hole or crater was visible, and there was what appeared to be the head of a gold or brass nail showing through in the center. After cleaning several more gums up this way, the hose quit spraying. I went back to the house. In the yard was what appeared to be a short bar, and there were several people sitting at it. I told my dad the water was off, and he said something about the bill for this month being so high, it exceeded some kind of usage limit and the water went out automatically. I remember thinking that the water usage limit had nothing to do with the hose, because the volume of water that came out of the nozzle was quite small overall.

The last part of this dream placed me back in the old 611 Tavern here in Seattle. Only I was one of the wait staff, rather than being the bartender as is usual for my bar dreams. The place was *very* packed. I waited around for a bit for my shift to start, then I went up to the waiter's station to collect my starting bank. Some of the customers were already trying to place orders with me, even though I hadn't yet started. The bartender showed up and put two large coins down - this was apparently my bank. I noticed at this time that the bar ashtrays were glass; they were square, shallow, and colored a medium peacock blue. I also noticed there was no tip jar set out. Not that it should have concerned me because I was just a piss-on waiter. So I filled a couple of orders and then went to get a bar towel. For some reason, I didn't think I was supposed to go behind the bar, not even for a bar rag. While I stood at the end of the bar (where one would normally go to get to the area behind this particular bar) there was a guy sitting there who had spilled or sprinkled maybe a teaspoon of his drink on his pants, and then dropped cigarette ashes on that. I gave him the bar rag that mysteriously appeared in my hands at that moment. I woke up soon after.


There are a *LOT* more, but some of the entries contain some toliet words, so I cannot post the URL (link) on this BBS.
If you don't mind some occasional mild language, go to Google or Yahoo and type in "dream diary" "If I remember the dream" (yes, include the quote marks) and click on the first page on the search results screen.

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