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Hello Everyone !!
« on: November 23, 2008, 12:47:23 pm »
 ^_^ Allo Everyone !!  ^_^

I'm new to the USB Forums (and well , USB.) , but I already think it's awesome !
My nickname is AwesomeBean (Feel free to call me "Awesome" or "Bean".)
I've been on many other forums , but I never found out that's all about SpongeBob Awesomeness !!
I found this site Googling pictures of SpongeBob characters , because me and my friends LOVE SpongeBob !! (And his buds.)
I sent this site to my friend and I told her to check it out .
Me and my friends also have a SpongeBob Club .
We all chose characters , and we become them .
I'm SpongeBob and the friend that I sent the site to is Patrick and we created the club .
Anyway , that's a lot of things I wrote already , so I'll see you guys around the forums !!

Byee !!  :wub: