Author Topic: Blooper in a newer episode?  (Read 6019 times)

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Blooper in a newer episode?
« on: August 05, 2010, 07:52:34 am »
In the episode "Karate Choppers", when Patrick loses part of his right arm, a new one regenerates and Patrick says something like "Starfish can regenerate lost limbs" or some such horse puckey...then a moment later, a "clone" of Patrick shows up and walks offscreen -- Patrick then says "Limbs can regenerate new starfish" or something. I don't have an issue with either of these's that the regenerated starfish that came from Patrick's severed arm has on the same type of purple and green shorts that Patrick uses!!! Am I to therefore presume that severed limbs that regenerate new starfish also regenerate nylon or cotton too?

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Re: Blooper in a newer episode?
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2010, 01:29:10 pm »
 :lol: The writers of spongebob probaly forgot about that when the wrote  !!  -_-