Author Topic: The Waste Land Rules | 11/28/05  (Read 10310 times)

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The Waste Land Rules | 11/28/05
« on: December 06, 2003, 07:47:26 pm »
Since this is a testing forum, not all of the rules need to be enforced.

1. Don't Advertise - You can have ads in your sig though.
2. Don't Flame or Swear - Same as the rest of the Sponge Zone.

So, does that mean you can post idiotic nothings to each other? Go ahead, it only makes you look immature, but I won't stop you. There are, of course, more efficient ways to go about doing that, like AIM, MSN, or even IRC, but if it tickles you the right way, post it in the Waste Land.

BUT, and this is a large but, don't bother complaining if mods or admins close or delete your Waste Land topics. Just as the rules for posting in the Waste Land are loose, so are the rules for moderating it. Meaning, free reign for all those who have the power to do so. It's the wild west out in yonder Waste Land, keep your wits sharp and your post buttons oiled.
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