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Season One
Reef Blowers
None available
Plot Summary
When Spongebob peeks out his window to gaze Bikini Bottom in the morning, he sees a shell in his yard. He can't have a dirty yard, afterall. So he slips under his garage door and comes out with a reef blower. He tries blowing the shell away but nothing happens but when he tries to blow on it real hard, a bunch of a sand lands on Squidward, as he is eating. SPongebob is determined to get that shell off his property, so he will go to any depth to do just that. He decides to put the reef blower in reverse, but instead of sucking in the shell, he sucks in all the water in Bikini Bottom. The bag is so full, it bursts and all the water goes back in place and a bunch of sand piles are left but none of them are on Spongebob's property, not even the shell. The shell ends up on Squidward's nose as he is covered up in sand.

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