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Season One
Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen
Storyboard Artist: Aaron Springer
Written by: Sherm Cohen, Aaron Springer, and Mr. Lawrence
Animation Director: Fred Miller
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
Squidward makes a soufflé for himself as he is all dressed up for dinner. BUt just as he is about to enjoy his meal, he hears Spongebob and Patrick laugh outside and blowing bubble messages to each other. So, he decides to ruin their fun by blowing mean bubble messages. And when they both hear what the other has to say, neither of them want to be friends anymore. That's what makes Squidwards day until he has to be rescued by both of them after two incidents with a fork and his back. He invites them for a party at his house but they both notice that the other was invited. Squidward gets out the soda and by the time the soda is gone, both Spongebob and Patrick are full of soda. When Squidward leaves, Spongebob burps a bubble and both of them start laughing out bubbles. As Squidward returns, his house is destroyed thanks to Spongebob and Patrick.

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