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Season One
Pizza Delivery
Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen
Storyboard Artist: Aaron Springer
Written by: Shrem Cohen, Aaron Springer, and Peter Burns
Animation Director: Sean Dempsey
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
After the Krusty Krab is closed, the phone rings. The customer on the phone wants to order a pizza but the Krusty Krab doesn't sell pizza. That is, until Mr Krabs says they do. He tells Squidward to take SpongeBob along with him on the journey over to the customers house, which was a mistake to begin with. On their journey, a sand storm come rushing through, which in turn, covers the road to where SpongeBob and Squidward can't find the path they were going in. Now that they're lost, they must find their way back. SpongeBob has all these pioneer ideas that Squidward keeps rejecting. After they have a fight over eating the pizza or not, SpongeBob spots a boulder they can use for driving. When they drive up the the customers house, SpongeBob knocks on the door and hands the pizza to the customer. But the customer is missing a drink. SpongeBob tells him he never ordered one so he shoves the pizza back at SpongeBob. Squidward gets angry and shoves the pizza into the customers face. When they get back on the boulder, they drive back to the Krusty Krab in less than a second.

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