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Season One
Hall Monitor
Storyboard Director: Chuck Klein
Storyboard Artist: Jay Lender
Writers: Chuck Klein, Jay Lender, and Mr. Lawrence
Animation Director: Edgar Larrazabal
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
SpongeBob is elected hall monitor of the day at the boating school, but when he over does his speech again, he gives his uniform to Mrs Puff. But she says that he can at least wear it for the rest of the day. SpongeBob gets excited but he takes his job too seriously. He directs traffic, which turns into a disaster, he becomes the open window maniac when he notices a window is open at a couples home, he even accuses of Patrick of being a criminal. But when the paperboy gives them an article on the "maniac", SpongeBob gives a chance for Patrick to become a good citizen. As they are tracking down the criminal, Patrick notices the maniac but doesn't know it's really SpongeBob. He tells him to hide everywhere but the maniac is also where SpongeBob is hiding. When SpongeBob looks at the "wanted: maniac" fliers, he sees that he is the real maniac. Police surround him but Mrs Puff entrudes to tell SpongeBob that he's in trouble. After Mrs Puff spills the beans about giving SpongeBob the uniform, the police take her to jail.

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