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Season One
Sandy's Rocket
Storyboard Director: Sherm Cohen
Storyboard Artist: Aaron Springer
Written by: Sherm Cohen, Aaron Springer and Peter Burns
Animation Director: Tom Yasumi
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
Sandy's going to the moon to do some research but SpongeBob wants to tag along on the journey. After Sandy agrees to let SpongeBob come, they both try to get some sleep for the big day. But Patrick has already heard that he's going on the trip, so he wants to give SpongeBob a little something: alien repelent. You can never be too careful with aliens on the moon. But when SpongeBob tells Patrick there aren't any, Patrick just wants to spray the rocket just in case there are some. When Patrick accidently opens the door to the rocket, they try out everything inside. They accidently start off off the rocket, which in turn, wakes Sandy up from her sleep. As the rocket is off to the moon, SpongeBob and Patrick play around a little as Sandy goes after them. Instead of the rocket landing on the moon, it goes around the moon and back into Bikini Bottom, but SpongeBob and Patrick think it's a holopgrahic projector to making them think it's really Bikini Bottom. Using their net shooters, SpongeBob and Patrick capture everyone in Bikini Bottom because they still think they are aliens. Trying to stuff them into the rocket, not all of them are going to fit so they must make a second trip. When neither of them can trust each other, they pump up their shooters to shoot at each other. Patrick is the first to load his but he shoots himself leaving SpongeBob the only survivor left. Using the rocket to get back to Bikini Bottom, the rocket breaks down and lands on the moon. After SpongeBob gets out, he realizes that he's not on Earth and the aliens would like a word with him.

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