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Season One
Squeaky Boots
Storyboard Director: Steve Fonti
Storyboard Artist: Chris Mitchell
Written by: Steve Fonti, Chris Mitchell and Mr. Lawrence
Animation Director: Fred Miller
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
It's Pearl's birthday, but instead of getting those flipper slippers that all her friends are wearing, Mr Krabs gets his daughter some boots. Pearl doesn't want the boots so Mr Krabs gives them to SpongeBob to take care of. SpongeBob begins to show off his new boots to everyone, but the noise is so annoying, that Squidward takes his vacation early. The next day, Mr Krabs hears just about enough of the squeaking of the boots, so that night, he sneaks over to SpongeBob's house while he is sleeping and takes his boots. He runs over to the Krusty Krab and hides them underneath the floor so no one can find them. That morning, SpongeBob comes bursting through, crying, because he lost Mr Krabs valuable boots. Mr Krabs tells him not to worry but SpongeBob can't go on with his job without them. When Mr Krabs takes the orders for Squidward, the menu has been turned into boot squeaks. Mr Krabs can't take it anymore! He tells everyone that he took the boots and hid them underneath the floorboard. He takes them out and eats them. Later, Mr Krabs and Pearl take a vacation, but Mr Krabs has the hiccups, which are really squeaky hiccups.

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