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Season One
Nature Pants
Storyboard Director: Paul Tibbitt
Storyboard Artist: Mark O’Hare
Written by: Paul Tibbitt, Mark O’Hare, and Peter Burns
Animation Director: Sean Dempsey
Creative Director: Derek Drymon
Plot Summary
After having dreams about roaming Jellyfish Fields with the jellyfish, SpongeBob decides to leave his old life for a new one with the jellyfish. Living with the jellyfish is a lot harder and different than SpongeBob thought it would be. Everything goes wrong with his newly founded friends. The food is bad, the nights are cold, there are poisonous sea urchins everywhere. But one day, Patrick comes jellyfishing, but not for jellyfish, for SpongeBob. Patrick chases SpongeBob around Jellyfish Fields but is unable to capture him. So, SpongeBob, alone and cold, walks back to his pineapple stopping at each place he remembers and how he could give it up. When he arrives home, everyone throws him a 'welcome back' party. But, when they give SpongeBob a hug, they get the poisonous sea urchin itch that SpongeBob got.

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