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Archive: August 2002

8-29-02 Cmonkey

I'm starting updating now. I added Karen, Plankton's computer wife, to the characters section.

8-27-02 Cmonkey

My computer is back up now. I'll start with the updating soon. School starts on Wednesday here, so I'm going to have less time to work on it.

8-21-02 Cmonkey

I'm writing this from my sister's laptop. I'm moving in 2 days. I'll have my computer back up by the weekend.

8-17-02 Cmonkey

OK, the email and site problems are finally fixed. But, there's a bigger problem. I'm going not going to be able to update my site for at least a week. That's because my computer is getting sent tomorrow, and I'm moving this Friday. I'm not going to be able to do much until then.

8-16-02 Cmonkey

My uploading just got fixed, and now my www.spongezone.tk redirect isn't working. Until it's fixed, you need to go to spongezone.reallyrules.com .And on top of that, there's a problem with my email. I can receive emails, but it won't let me send them. So, if you emailed me, It might be a while until you get a response. I also added a bio of Fred.

8-15-02 Cmonkey

Today, I added a bio of Tom. Before I move( I'm moving next weekend), I'll add 3-4 more bio's.

8-14-02 Cmonkey

I added a Mrs. Puff bio. Sorry I havent been updating in a while. I'm moving to Connecticut in a few weeks, so I've been busy around the house.

8-11-02 Cmonkey

I added a review of Spatula for GBC. I'm really tired of the games section, so now I'm going to add more people to the Characters section. Sorry, about not updating for a while. My website host was switching servers, so I couldn't upload anything for the last few days. I've been trying to get this stuff up since Wednesday. And also, I put some legal mumbo-jumbo below the Nav bar. Just scoll down over there to see it. I'm doing this because I dont want to be sued by Viacom or anything.

8-4-02 Cmonkey

I added tons of info about the new games in the Games section. I gotta go, so I can't write more here.

8-3-02 Cmonkey

I was searching around when I noticed that there are NEW SPONGEBOB games coming out soon. Employee of the Month for Pc is supposed to come out this summer, but there still isn't any information or screenshots available. Revenge of the Flying Dutchman is coming out for GBA(summer 2002), PS2(fall 2002), and GC(holiday 2002). I put up information and screenshots as soon as I get them.

8-2-02 Cmonkey

Welcome to August everyone! I'm trying to do as much as I can before school starts. My cousin is still working on his underground site. I'll tell you when he's done.

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