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January 2003

1-31-03 Cmonkey

The site has been down for the last 2 days because the school's router crashed. It still is down. Then how are you reading this right now you ask? Well, thanks to a lot of help from my friend Compbrain, I was able to set up a websever inside my room, and host my website off of it. So right now, you are virtually inside of my room, just a few feet away from where I'm sleeping or sitting. Wierd, isn't it. This is only temporary, because my school has a much faster connection than I do at home, so the site might be a little slow until Monday, when it'll probably be fixed. Also, the poll isn't working, beucause my server cant stand the pressure. I just hope it doesn't melt down.

1-29-03 Cmonkey

Anyone hungry? I added a short video clip of how to make a Krabby Patty.

1-27-03 Cmonkey

I was at a LAN party from Saturday to Sunday and there was something on TV yesterday evening (could have been the Super Bowl), so I didn't get to update until today. So today there is a high and low version of everyone's favorite squirrel singing Texas. (I mean Sandy, not that one that waterskis on TV)

1-24-03 Cmonkey

There were new episodes on today, and the Midlife Crustation one was really... just not SpongeBob. It seemed like they pulled in some random guy off the street and told him to make a storyboard for a show he knows nothing about. It was pretty funny, but completely inappropriate for Nickelodeon. That episode probably made thousands of children cry. I get the feeling that it's going to "disappear" after angry letters and calls come from parents. The other episode, Great Snail Race, was just like the rest of season 3; not up to SpongeBob quality. For updates today, there's 5 more group pics. There is also a high and low quality version of F.U.N. on multimedia page.

1-22-03 Cmonkey

Hey people, check out www.spongezone.net . What? It's the same as this? Oh ya, thats probably because it is this. I finally bought a domain name! No more of the slowness and pop-ups of spongezone.tk. The site will also be up more often because most of the time it was .tk that was making this site unaccessable. So now you can get to here from www.spongezone.tk, spongezone.shacknet.nu, spongezone.reallyrules.com, and www.spongezone.net. I recommend coming through .net because I had to pay for it :-p. Theres a new poll over on the side about all this domain stuff.

1-19-03 Cmonkey

I made 2 more videos, Bad Driving and Perfume Department. There is a big and small version of each.

1-17-03 Cmonkey

Ok, no midtems until tuesday, so I had time to add a little to the site. Oh ya, and thanks to Compbrain, the poll is working again. I didn't feel like making pictures today, so I decided to add a new video clip. It took me about 4 hours just to figure out how to get it working on my new computer. I should have made pics instead. So, now there's a high and low quality version of jellyfish jam in hte multimedia section. Both are in divx format, so you have to install divx if you haven't already. I'm still using divx becuase I haven't found anything better yet.


no time midterm anatomy spanish site working now pictures up must study bye

1-14-03 Cmonkey

Access denied? What!! Where's my sledgehammer!?! There's a little problem with the server right now, that's stopping me from uploading pictures. It should be fixed pretty soon.

1-12-03 Cmonkey

Back to the regular updates, I added 8 more group pics. One of them is animated. My friend Compbrain is helping me out with some new ideas for Sponge Zone. A few of them will be up after mid-terms.

1-10-03 Cmonkey

Welcome to a new era of Sponge Zone. New look, new hosting, and soon to be new domain (.net). This a Sponge Zone in which I won't be the only one talking. (well, in a little while anyway). And, unless you have a really small screen, or the attention span of a gerbil, you've seen the poll over on the left, no, the other left. It's all part of my quest to get the people, that means you, more involved with this site. I'll have a lot more after mid-terms which will cover the next 2 weeks.

1-8-03 Cmonkey

I postponed (forget about it completely :-p) updating letters until today. There are 3 new ones there. Also, if you just can't wait until I unveil Sponge Zone 2003, or if you think you make it better than I could, download my preview files and take a look. (It's in a self-extracting .rar; you just double click on it and follow the directions) SZ 2k3 should be finished by next monday.

1-6-03 Cmonkey

Today must be my lucky day, because .tk and my school's FTP are working again. I'm still working on SZ 2003. Get ready to be amazed :-p Here's a little preview:

1-5-03 Cmonkey

The FTP at my school wasn't working, so I couldn't update the site. More bad news, there's something wrong with .tk so www.spongezone.tk isn't working right now. There's nothing new for today, but I'm working hard on Sponge Zone 2003 (you'll find out what it is in a week or so)

1-2-03 Cmonkey

The Sponge Zone crisis is finally over! My site is now permanently hosted at my school's server. My friend Compbrain created it for me. The page you're looking at (thats this one :-p, I hope) is at spongezone.shacknet.nu. You could also visit it at www.spongezone.tk and get redirected to spongezone.shacknet.nu. Also, spongezone.reallyrules.com (my old site that got killed) was registered by an unaffiliated, 3rd-party (I owe you, whoever you are), and a redirect to this site was set up there. To make things even more confusing for you, I'm going to buy www.spongezone.net soon, which will also direct to this site.
-Your regularly scheduled Sponge Zone will resume this weekend with a huge update.

1-1-03 Cmonkey

Wow, what a great new years :-( . Without any warning, web1000 canceled my hosting for spongezone.reallyrules.com. They sent me this email in explanation:
Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that hosting for spongezone.reallyrules.com has been discontinued for violation of our terms of service.

Your site has been reported to be violative of one
or more copyrights or other intellectual property
rights. Our terms of service state that once you have
had a site terminated for this reason, you may
not create any additional sites on our servers. If
you do so, you will have committed the crime of theft
of service and appropriate law enforcement reporting
will be made.


Web1000 Customer Service.

Not exactly a fair trade. I tried emailing them a few times, but I just got canned messages in reply. Spongezone.reallyrules.com is gone forever. Its time for a new spongezone, hopefully hosted at my school. It'll be up 24/7 and have more features than *dolphin noise* web1000. I'll also be creating a new look for the new site. If you're reading this, then you probably came in through www.spongezone.tk and got redirected to the school server. have fun :-(

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