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June 2002

6-29-02 Cmonkey

I have some important news before I go to camp tomarrow. My cousin is making a site called the SpongeBob Underground. At the moment he has 10 full episodes in Divx. They are about 50 MB each. He also has mp3's and roms. I won't be updating until I get back on the 7th.

6-22-02 Cmonkey

I added Flip or Flop to the online games review. I won't be making any major (or minor) updates until July 6. I'm really sorry about this. I have my 3 and 5 year-old cousins visting until Friday, and I'm going to a summer camp from June 30- July 6. I promise that I'll have huge updates after that (including the new layout).

6-20-02 Cmonkey

Today is my friend Marshall's birthday. I didn't realize it until 11:15 PM today.(I need a calender) He's helped by giving me a lot of things for the site, so I'd like to say Happy Birthday!

In site-related news today, I've realized that this site redesign is going to take a lot longer than I thought. I have to relearn all of the software I have, because I recently upgraded nearly all of it. So just sit back and enjoy that bowl of Count Chocula... its going to be a long ride.

6-18-02 Cmonkey

I was really busy over the past few days, so I wasn't able to add more online game reviews. I added Crater Crossing today though.

6-16-02 Cmonkey

I guess there's a problem with my email address. Until it's fixed, email me at spongezone@softhome.net .

6-15-02 Cmonkey

SpongeBobPunkBat let me put his AIM Icons on my Icon page, so be sure to check them out.

6-14-02 Cmonkey

I added another review yesterday, but I forgot to update the News page. I will probably have another one or two today.

I was looking around on IRC when I found the #spongebob channel on EFnet. It's owned by someone named Tails. It's a great place to chat about anything related to SpongeBob. Anyone who's used IRC knows thats it's much better than a regular chatroom. If you haven't used IRC before, now is a good time to start. MIRC is a good program to use.

6-13-02 Cmonkey

I started writing reviews for the Nick.com SpongeBob games. Right now I only have one, but I should have all of them by next Wednesday. They are in Games section.

Don't worry, I'm still working on the new layout. This is a small sample of what it might look like. The buttons might also be animated. I'll get it finished faster than a... oh, never mind.

6-10-02 Cmonkey

I had some spare time, so I wrote a review of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge for GBA. I gave it a score of... well you'll have to read it to find out.

6-10-02 Cmonkey

My friend emailed me his SpongeBob boxers, so I added them to my Merchandise section.

I had a request from the SpongeBob Square Board, so I added 3 more pics to the Misc Pictures section.

6-9-02 Cmonkey

I took a break from the new layout to update the pictures section. I added about 2 to every catagory, and I got rid of pics that I got from the Nickelodeon site. I did that because stealing is mean, even when it's from a giant site like nick.com.

Also, I finally added a Misc section. The only thing in it right now is the Merchandise section which i moved from the Multimedia section.

6-8-02 Cmonkey

I finally started making a new layout. It's looks much better than the current one but not as good as the one I will eventually make. I'm thinking about making it with Flash, but I don't know if that will be practical.

6-7-02 Cmonkey

Well, school just ended yesterday, so I'll have much more time to work on the website. I might finally be able to get to working on that new layout. I've been playing SuperSponge for GBA, so I'll have a review of it as soon as I beat it. Also, I added Jellyfish to the Characters section.

6-5-02 Cmonkey

Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Sponge Zone. Thanks to SPUDR87, I now have a review of Nicktoons Racing for Playstation.

6-3-02 Cmonkey

I went to Wendy's and bought a Kid's meal just for the toy. It ended up being the Gary toy, which is probably the best one of them all. I scanned it and put a description in the Merchandise section.

6-2-02 (later that day) Cmonkey

My host is working well. I uploaded all of the files, including the backgrounds. I think that this one will last.

I finally have an episodes section. I don't have enough time to create my own, so it's a link to the TV Tome one. It's probably the best episode guide around.

6-2-02 Cmonkey

Yippee!!! I got hosted at web1000. There are no ads either! I'll finally be able to get back to updating SpongeBob stuff.

6-1-02 Cmonkey

Welcome to June everyone. Myanimecompanion isn't working either. I'm still looking for a new host. I'll hopefully find one by Monday.

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