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February 2003

2-28-03 Cmonkey

Its finally Friday! Just a word of caution to anyone near the state of Connecticut. Watch out where your going because someone got a driving permit! No, not SpongeBob, me! (check out the Bad Driving video if you havent already) Anyway, theres some new video clips for today. A large and small version of good ol' Squiddy telling his tale of the Hash-Slinging Slasher! And theres Squidward again in his award winning (well it should be award winning) performance of "Alone" in the episode SB-129. Theres large and small versions of that too. By the way, I'm doing a lot of procrastination, so you might be seeing more updates this weekend than usual :-p

2-26-03 Cmonkey

I'm really busy with homework and projects right now. Everything is due in the next 2 weeks, but I'm still going to update as much as possible. Today theres a news item about the movie from someone that emailed me:
Ok my Uncle Nicholas R. Jennings is the Art Supervisor and Backround Painter for Spongebob and Id like to lay some rumors to rest, theres been the rumor about the movie and how its about how Patrick is kidnapped this is wrong no one knows what the movie is about because everyone who is working on the movie has signed a contract of secracy and if they are found out to be telling people then they would be fired, my uncle told me. Also he said they have finished up all the episodes, they just need to premeire on TV and also after the movie Spongebob is officially over just reruns.
Sounds mysterious...

2-24-03 Cmonkey

Ok, the site is finally back up to speed and the poll is back too. Time to give the pentium 233 in my room a rest.

2-23-03 Cmonkey

Guess the update for today is? Well, apparently having more free time doesnt mean that I'll do more. I updated less when there wasnt school then when there was school. The update for today is a new news icon right over there. Sorry. Well, starting tomarrow, the site should be back up on the faster server, hopefully.

2-21-03 Cmonkey

After more talking with falco, I found out that one of those tiny pics in the Merchandise section was a bowling ball, and the rest were of a kickball. Its fixed now. Some of you might remeber a News update that said I saved 7 gigs of space a few monthes ago. Well, today I just saved another 20 gigs. I finally found a way of getting video clips off the DVD without having the entire DVD on my hard drive. To celebrate this victory of man against machine, I added a large and small version of the Scaredy Pants music video.

2-18-03 Cmonkey

There are a few people, well... one person that has been waiting a loooooong time for this update (you know who you are). I finally updated the merchandise. Theres a few new things there, and I'll be adding more in the next few days.

2-16-03 Cmonkey

I'm having a lot of domain name problems now, and the school server crashed even worse. The site is still alive though, and this will all be fixed soon. There's an update for today. 10 more group pics, a new Aim icon, and an update of the links section. Theres a few new sites on it, and some changed scores.

2-15-03 1:36am Cmonkey

The power went out for a few seconds, so the school server felt like crashing. Until my buddy Compbrain fixes it, the site is going to be hosted out of my room again. Expect slower load times.

2-14-03 Cmonkey

I didn't realize today was Valentine's day until someone handed me a card with a lollypop stuck to it, so thanks to her, I uploaded big and small video clips of Patrick going crazy in the episode "Valentine's Day". No school for a week! Expect more updates than usual.

2-11-03 Cmonkey

2 more backgrounds for today, one at 1280x1024 and one at 1024x768 (no, those arent just random numbers... I hope). They look, well, head over to Multimedia and look for yourself. Also, I had a request to post up my button, so here it is: If you want to link to my site, just stick this nifty text on your page:

2-9-03 Cmonkey

There's another new background, this one is for people with huge monitors. Also, I went back and compressed the backgrounds so that they now take less than half the time to download.

2-7-03 Cmonkey

No, aliens didn't abduct me, an english essay did.(I better get a good grade on it after all that work) So theres a super-massive-enormous-giant-spectacular update today. I spent almost the entire day working on it, since school was cancelled(8 inches of snow!) Theres a high and low quality video clip of Underwater Sun from the new DVD. It took a while to get the video right, I had to find new software to use. Also, theres a new Background. This one's to commemorate getting a .net. It actually doesn't look bad, at least compared to the other backgrounds. And theres more! The long awaited character bio's of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. I told you I'd make them, I just didn't say when :-p And and top of that, I went through every individual page of this website(thats around 110 pages). I fixed speeling, err.. spelling mistakes, added titles so it would make it easier for search engines, and switched all of the grey tables to blue ones to match the new look of this site. there will be more updates this weekend because my teachers didn't get the chance to assign any homework, yay!

2-3-03 Cmonkey

February already, you know what that means. 6 more weeks of winter because of everyone's favorite groundhog! Oh, and an update on the letters section. 3 more letters, just like every month. Also, the school's internet is working again, so the site is back up to its usual speed.

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